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Hatha Yoga: Slow-moving flow focusing on breath work and alignment. This class is great for those new to yoga or who want to spend more time on each posture. Flow-through a gentle, slower-paced class focusing on alignment and how each pose feels in the body. 

Yoga Sculpt & Tone: An invigorating  45-min practice to put you in touch with your breath and your body with a choreographed routine in combination with ballet movements. Muscles are worked to fatigue and then released through stretching. Create strength and endurance while toning and having fun while doing it!  

Restorative Yoga: Long holds in gentle, supported postures. Focusing on relaxation. The perfect class to allow you to unwind! Use props in this gentle, slower paced class focused on giving you time and space to relax and stretch and restore the body. You’ll leave this class feeling like you did the work AND you’ll feel deeply relaxed.

Yoga & Flexibility: Flexibility is achievable for everyone. This yoga class is composed yin-style holds to open your body even deeper. In each class, we will work on improving the flexibility and mobility of a different area of the body (legs, shoulders, back...). You will leave the class feeling much lighter!

Breathe & Mobility: This is not your typical yoga class. This class is designed to work on release your nervous system through different breath work and improving the mobility of certain areas of your body with very gentle movements.